We Read: Vol. 3


This is Sara.

Sara is pretty cool.

Sara is a reader.

I recently had the wonderful privilege of talking to Sara to pick her brain about why she considers herself a reader.  While she can be seen as an anomaly–being a teenager in 2015 who loves nothing more than to have uninterrupted nightly reading time–Sara says not much has changed for her since she was a child.  Sara has always been a reader; her mother used to read voraciously to her as a child.

When asked why she enjoys reading, Sara says that she loves immersing herself in circumstances and worlds that are a bit foreign to her.  Thus, she prefers sci-fi.  Science Fiction provides her a lens to see beyond the world she knows, and she says that it helps educate her and challenge her to see things differently, a skill she feels will help her throughout life.

Not too many teens promote literacy in the traditional sense, and the biggest promotion one might do is to allow others see one reading in class or at lunch.  However, Sara says that she actually communicates the benefits of reading to her friends.  Some advantages she sees are gaining vocabulary to sound more educated, being in the know, and having something to talk to others about.  With a Lexile level of 11th grade-College & Career Ready, she certainly has the ability to inspire others, and her fun-loving personality and kind spirit are shiny lures at the end of the hook.

Though she doesn’t consider herself a writer, she knows her passion for literacy is within the literature she consumes, at least for now.

IMG_5907Thank you, Sara, for bravely promoting literacy and fighting ignorance by gaining intelligence.

Favorite books: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Beginning of Everything.

Last book finished: The Shining by Stephen King

Currently reading: The Gunslinger by Stephen King


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